Tips from Steve E.D.

This past year we noticed an increase in repairs on boats due to restricted raw water intakes. Our boat use water from the lake to cool your motors and generators. The heating and air conditioning equipment on your boat also uses raw water. The intakes will clog up with Zebra Mussels and/or weeds that grow at the surface. The Zebra Mussels become an issue when the boat sits idle for long periods of time. A good indication that you intakes are becoming restricted is to monitor the discharge of the raw water. engines will normally discharge through the exhaust, generators and AC units out a dedicated thru-hull. On outboard and stern drive motors, visually inspect the intakes on the lower unit. The resulting damage from restricted intakes can be costly; overheated engines, generators, and AC pumps failing. Keep sea water strainers clean, an eye on temperature gauges, and monitor you discharges to help prevent expensive repairs.

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